If anyone can appreciate the crossover from sports to business, it’s me. I believe with every ounce of my being that the overwhelming majority of lessons, strategies, approaches, mindsets, and disciplines used/taught in sports have such high utility that they also apply to business. With that said, there are 22 ‘sports phrases’ that have gotten a bit overused in the business world:

  1. Bring your ‘A’ game
  2. We didn’t come to play today
  3. Put on your ‘Game Face’
  4. You need to give 110%
  5. Make sure you go the extra mile
  6. We need to move the ball down the field
  7. That was a home run (or slam dunk)
  8. It’s time for a gut check
  9. We need to grind this out
  10. Make sure you cross the finish line
  11. Let’s go for the gold
  12. The ball is in your court
  13. He/she totally dropped the ball
  14. Our back is against the wall
  15. Can you tee that up for me?
  16. We will go down swinging
  17. I had to call an audible
  18. This is a marathon, not a sprint
  19. It’s a game of inches
  20. Take it one play at a time
  21. Leave it all on the field (or court)
  22. The ball didn’t bounce our way

Which ones did I miss?