Here are 36 impactful lessons I teach and (cough, cough) model my kiddos on a daily basis. Oh and these apply to adults as well:

  1. Serve others without expecting anything in return.
  2. Have focus on what you really want. If you chase two rabbits, they will both get away.
  3. Commitment > Convenience
  4. Relationships are like a bank account – you get out of them what you put in!
  5. Treat everyone fairly, not equally (because everyone has different needs).
  6. The key to human connection is listening.
  7. Business 101 – Give more in value than you take in payment.
  8. Happiness is a choice.
  9. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Change is a REQUIREMENT of growth and development, as is discomfort.
  10. Bumps in the road should make you SLOW DOWN, not TURN AROUND.  
  11. The only way to the top of any ladder is rung by rung.
  12. There is only ONE way to build a wall…brick by brick.
  13. EQ > IQ
  14. Hope and faith are NOT strategies.
  15. Don’t play the “Comparison Game.” It’s a game you can’t win.
  16. Fix your roof when it’s sunny. It’s too late once it starts raining.
  17. You can’t fill someone else’s bucket if yours is empty.
  18. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
  19. The first time it’s a mistake. The second time it’s a decision.
  20. There are 3 things you can do with your money and with your time: invest it, spend it, or waste it.  
  21. Be the type of teammate players want to play with and coaches want to coach.
  22. Having fear is healthy. Being scared will paralyze you.
  23. Teammate 101 –  It ain’t about me. It’s about us.
  24. Be > Yesterday
  25. Basic and easy are not synonymous. What it takes to be successful is incredibly BASIC, but far from EASY.
  26. All feelings are valid.
  27. Your habits and your dreams must be in alignment. If not, one of them needs to change.
  28. Caring for someone is a choice. And caring matters A LOT.
  29. Win graciously. Lose gracefully.
  30. Your attention in the present moment is the #1 gift you can give someone.
  31. NOT working hard is a choice.
  32. Just because something is understandable doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.
  33. Don’t worry about being the best ON the team. Focus on being the best FOR the team.
  34. You either accept it or you correct it. Complaining is NOT an option.
  35. Do what’s hard now and life becomes easier. Do what’s easy now and life becomes harder.
  36. Make. Good. Decisions.