Do you want to maximize impact, influence, and the performance of those around you and yourself?

Here are 37 rules for doing exactly that!


  1. Don’t resist reality – you’ll lose every time.
  2. Adversity is coming, be prepared.
  3. Be ready in case there isn’t time to get ready.
  4. Invest time with those that make you better.
  5. View accountability as a gift.
  6. Earn confidence and blend it with humility.
  7. Be open to competent feedback.
  8. Be comfortable in stillness.
  9. Control the controllables (effort and attitude)
  10. Be thoughtful and intentional in your behaviors.
  11. Focus on the process (and not the outcome/results)
  12. Do what’s truly essential (let go of the rest)
  13. Prioritize your time (learn to say ‘no’)
  14. Have high personal standards of excellence
  15. Never negotiate your core values
  16. Be aware of your habits (and strive to improve them)
  17. Embrace self-discipline and extreme ownership.
  18. Be kind to yourself (and others)
  19. Don’t worry about a future that hasn’t happened yet.
  20. Assume people are doing the best they can.
  21. Reduce blaming, complaining, and making excuses.
  22. Focus on what you want FOR people, not FROM them.
  23. Do the best you can with what you have where you are.
  24. Be ready to move to the Next Play.
  25. Work towards mastery of the fundamentals.
  26. Lean into the power of the Unseen Hours.
  27. Actively listen as often as possible.
  28. Refuse to play The Comparison Game.
  29. Look for the lessons in everything.
  30. Make sure your beliefs and behaviors are aligned.
  31. Take a beat before responding when you’re upset.
  32. Every person you meet can teach you something.
  33. Leave every place better than you found it.
  34. Be OK with not knowing (life is uncertain).
  35. Define your own success.
  36. Choose curiosity/fascination over judgment/assumption.
  37. Success leaves clues – follow them.