1. Relax: Make the time to enjoy some quiet and breath (literally and figuratively). Get away from digital distractions and fully decompress mentally, emotionally and physically. Rid yourself of jealousy, self-doubt and grudges. Like Elsa sang in Frozen, “Let it go! Let it go!”  
  2. Reflect: Take a look back at 2019 – personally and professionally – and ask yourself the following 4 questions: What were my favorite experiences? What were my biggest wins? What were my toughest challenges? What impactful lessons did I learn?
  3. Reduce: Purge things that no longer add value. What email lists can you unsubscribe from? Who can you unfollow on social? What apps can you delete? What’s on your desk that you can throw out? What’s in your closet that you can donate? Remove all distractions, noise & clutter!
  4. Refocus: Determine what pivots, adjustments and tweaks you need to make (to your habits and mindset) to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t in the New Year. What screws do you need to tighten? What new challenges should you expect and prepare for?
  5. Recharge: Make an intentional effort to refill your ‘bucket’ so that you will have the necessary and required energy, desire and commitment to level up and live your highest purpose! Take a yoga class. Listen to music. Enjoy some wine. Do what recharges your battery!