Here are 8 helpful business concepts I learned in my years of playing pick-up basketball.

  1. Know the rules before the game starts, know the score at all times, and know what your teammates do/don’t do well.
  2. Embrace your role (know what you do well – and what you don’t do well – so you can make a maximum contribution).
  3. Have a game plan – figure out how to expose your opponent’s weaknesses (and know that they’ll try to expose yours).
  4. Be the teammate you want to play with, know every possession matters, and do the little things as well as you can (box out, set screens, run hard in transition, etc).
  5. After a missed shot, turnover, or defensive miscue – quickly move to the Next Play. Don’t dwell, blame, complain, or make excuses.
  6. Learn to effectively resolve conflict and work through differences (if there is a disagreement on a foul or travel or what the score is).
  7. Winning should be the primary goal. It doesn’t matter who scores – all that matters is that your team scores! Avoid ‘my turn’ shots – your better shooters should take most of your team’s shots.
  8. Choose your team wisely. Don’t worry about assembling the best players but rather the players that will play the best together. Pick teammates that are unselfish, know their role, value winning, and play hard!