With winter break almost over and school resuming for my kiddos next week, I want to share 8 classes that need to be added to all elementary, middle, and high school curriculums:

  1. Leadership: learn how to effectively have a positive influence over others.
  2. Humanity: learn how to develop kindness, empathy, compassion, tolerance, and acceptance of others.
  3. Financial Literacy: learn about assets/debts, interest rates, spending vs saving, credit cards, home/auto loans, insurance, etc.
  4. Emotional Intelligence: learn why self-awareness and ‘soft skills’ are the most important skills one can develop.
  5. Entrepreneurship: learn how to spot a problem, design a solution, and market the benefits to a target audience.
  6. Free Play: learn to be creative and explore what you are passionate about as well as what you are good at.
  7. Relationships: learn how to develop and nurture connected, fulfilling friendships, and intimate relationships.
  8. Social Media: learn the proper usage (and potential hazards) of social platforms and digital interactions.

I have tremendous respect, admiration, and appreciation for teachers. They are the epitome of servant leaders. Teaching may be the most noble profession I know of.

But I’ve long opposed the current curriculums and emphasis on test scores and useless subjects.

School should have one goal – to best prepare children for life after school and to empower them to become happy, well adjusted citizens. It should not be to memorize and regurgitate a myriad of useless facts and outdated constructs.

School curriculums need a serious overhaul and re-evaluation for them to truly benefit our children long term…

Removing the inapplicable (cough, cough – useless) classes, trimming the fat from the core classes (math, science, English and history) and adding these 8 classes would be a great start!