Here are 8 powerful concepts I’ve observed from elite level basketball coaches (all of which can easily be utilized in business as well!).

  1. They don’t feel the need to raise their voice  very often. They are strategic about it. That way, when they do, it is more impactful.
  2. They stat EVERYTHING during practice: missed box out, bad body language, diving for loose balls, and making the extra pass. If it matters, it gets measured. They know ‘how you do anything is how you do everything.’
  3. Their practices maintain a swift pace and constantly flow. They coach in sound bytes and keep things moving. Their practices are highly efficient.
  4. They only practice the things that give their team the best chance to win. They don’t do drills just to do them. Their is no fluff. Their practices are highly effective.
  5. They empower their assistants. They encourage them to voice their opinion, lead drills, and teach. They utilize their talents.
  6. They consistently communicate specific feedback in real time. They praise the behavior they want to see repeated and they correct the behavior they don’t.
  7. They follow a detailed practice plan. They know what they want to accomplish before practice even starts. “You play the way you practice.”

  8. They are demanding without being demeaning. They hold their players to a very high standard, but do so with respect.