The key to everything you want in life – happiness, fulfillment, respect, influence, success and significance – is achieved through your relationships.

Regardless of what business you think you’re in… you are actually in the relationship business.

That’s because 100% of your clients and customers and 100% of your colleagues are human beings.

And that will never change.

Your relationships with these two groups determines the success of your business.

  • Relationships create loyalty.
  • Loyalty creates commitment.
  • Commitment creates culture.
  • And culture dictates long term results and sustainability.

Building meaningful relationships is the only way to create a winning culture… at home or at work.

What is one of the most basic components of a quality relationship?


But not just listening… active listening. Attentive listening. Empathetic listening.

You will impress people with how well you speak. You will impact people with how well you listen.

The most effective way to strengthen any relationship is to actively listen.

What it active listening?

It’s listening to connect instead of listening to respond!

Listening is voluntary.

Listening is a choice.

Listening is a skill.

How do you get better at any skill? Practice! Repetition!

Thankfully there is no shortage of opportunities to practice… as everyone loves to talk!

So take advantage.