Full Time-Out: April 2020

I was recently on a Virtual Panel with Derin McMains, the Director of Mental Skills for the San Francisco Giants, and he said something incredible powerful:

“Your emotions are designed to inform you… not direct you.”

This concept is vital as we continue to navigate the ever changing landscape of the CoronaVirus and the impact it is having on our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Effective leaders and high performers are not immune to feeling a roller coaster of emotions during a crisis… but they have the emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and poise not to let them dictate their behavior!

Video Breakdown Series

It’s still hard for me to believe that March Madness and the end of the NBA season were cancelled. And I’m just a fan. I can’t even fathom the severe disappointment felt by the players and coaches that had worked so hard all year – and then POOF! – it all vanished. While that was absolutely the right decision… it is still stuff to swallow.

This month’s video breakdown is perfectly suited for the global crisis we are all experiencing. WNBA superstar Maya Moore’s thoughts have high utility and relevance and can easily be applied to what we are all currently experiencing.


As teams in sports and business continue to acclimate to this temporary ‘new normal’ of social distancing, being on ‘house arrest’, and having to work/train remotely… self-discipline, self-accountability, and self-reliance are vital.

Therefore, ’ve conditioned myself to wake up every morning with this mindset:

Today I will do the best I can, with what I have, where I am.

I will not make excuses, I will not complain, and I will not blame anyone or anything for my mindset, performance, or circumstances.

I hold myself fully responsible.

Do you?



I hope you find these two Special Bonus Episodes helpful as you continue to lead with optimism and poise as well as adjust, acclimate, and advance during this challenging time.


30 Second Time-Out: April 2020

Do you want to emerge from the mandated social distancing from the CoronaVirus as better version of yourself? Then start doing the things unsuccessful people find easy not to do. Successful people find it easy to read, work out, eat well, be attentive, set high standards, find a mentor, to attend virtual learning experiences.

Unsuccessful people find it easy not to do these things.

Neglecting to do these things (when we know we should be doing them) causes feelings of guilt and shame, two toxic emotions. And toxic emotions erode self-confidence. And an eroding self-confidence diminishes our energy and motivation. As our energy and motivation declines, our results and productivity suffer. As our results suffer, our attitude weakens. And this starts the entire cycle again.

You, and only you, choose whether or not you will rise from this pandemic as your best self!


I recently did a 60-minute Q&A with a high school coaching staff via Zoom.

Here is a clip that I believe has the highest utility and is a must listen for any coach/leader in sports or business!


Here are 6 habits and standards of high performers:

  1. Be coachable: Listen with your eyes. You hear with your ears, you listen with your eyes. Be open to feedback and make a commitment to being a lifelong learner.
  2. Be a good teammate: Be an energy giver. Fill other people’s buckets. Be kind. Be respectful. Show people you care. Be the type of teammate you want to play with.
  3. Do your best: Working hard is a choice. It’s the most fundamental decision you make each morning. You put your signature on everything you do with your effort.
  4. Have fun: Find what you love. Find what you are good at. Find where those two things intersect. Spend as much time there as you can!
  5. Take care of your body: You only get one. Eat healthy foods. Move around. Find activities you enjoy. This is not about looking a certain way – it’s about feeling a certain way (your best).
  6. Make good decisions: Your life is the summation and accumulation of every decision you make. If you want a good life, make good decisions. Takes years to build trust and a moment to ruin it. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.



Season 3 of the Raise Your Game Show has launched!

In this season I lean on several of the most innovative and impactful leaders I know to garner their wisdom on how to effectively lead during times of adversity, how to remain poised during a crisis, and how to look for and capitalize on new opportunities.

While these Zoom recordings took place during the height of the CoronaVirus pandemic… the tips, strategies, and principles shared are timeless and can be applied to any future challenge. They also has very high utility. The wisdom dropped can (and should) be applied to any line of work, in any industry, and any organization… in sports or business.

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