Full Time-Out: August 2020

It’s hard to fathom that summer is coming to close… and that school (albeit virtual for many) will be starting up soon. I think it’s fair to say this fall will prove to be challenging in a variety of ways for everyone… but specifically for students, teachers, administrators, and the parents of school age children.

While they certainly are the only group struggling… this school disruption will have a major effect on mental health for years to come.

I urge you to do everything in your power to have empathy, compassion, tolerance, and kindness for these groups in particular.

Support them. Love them. Tell them how much you value, respect, and appreciate them!


Have you ever been Speed Dating? I haven’t (I swear!), but I’ve always been fascinated by the concept. I recently took part in a Speed Interview:

Q: What is your coaching philosophy?
A: “It’s not about me… it’s about you”

Q: How do you define success?
A: Living a fulfilled life

Q: How do you define motivation?
A: An ever fleeting desire to do something

Q: How do you motivate someone else?
A: Find their motivation and ‘press that button’

Q: How do you develop a winning culture?
A: Align beliefs with behavior 

Q: Are leaders born or made?
A: Made. Leadership is a skill.

Q: What are the 3 most important attributes for a coach?
A: Self-awareness, humility, a desire to serve

Q: What advice would you give to a new coach?
A: Focus on the fundamentals, work on your craft every day, develop your own philosophy, value relationships, and respect the process

Q: How do you balance your career with your personal life?
A: I give my full attention to whoever I’m with and whatever I’m doing


If you’re interested in leading a formal book study (which can be done virtually!) with your class, team, or organization… please email me at Alan@AlanSteinJr.com and I’ll hook you up with info (and a discount) on the Raise Your Game Facilitator Guide and Team Member Workbooks. I’ll also get you a 42% discount on SIGNED copies of my book!

Teams that read together, win together.


Here are 6 essential questions for all leaders:

  1. What is your system for self-development? What is your process for becoming the best version of yourself (mentally, emotionally & physically)? Do you model your commitment to personal excellence in front of your team? Can they ‘see’ the value you place on investing in yourself? Do you have a coach? Have you designed your morning/evening routine with intention? Are you focused on mastering your craft? Do you have self-awareness and self-discipline?
  2. How clearly do you articulate your culture? How consistently do you emphasize it? If I asked any member of your team at random what your culture is – would their answer mirror yours? NOTE: I’m not talking about rehearsed or posted values and mission statements (which are important). I’m referring to your organization’s core beliefs, demonstrated behaviors, and the actual experience they have as a member of your team.
  3. How well trained is your team? Do they practice the basics consistently? Are they prepared to execute their role at the highest level? Do they practice the same skills they need for peak performance? Does your team hold each other accountable with love, grace, and compassion?
  4. How well do you know each member of your team? How high is your EQ? Do you know each of your colleague’s and coworker’s ‘personality type’? Their preferred ‘learning style’? Their ‘business love language’? Their ‘communication style’? How they like to feel appreciated?
  5. Do you invest in your team? With time? Money? Other resources? Do you empower and openly encourage them to grow, develop, and improve? Do you know their goals, aspirations and dreams and do you fully support their pursuit of them? Have you made what is important to them important to you?
  6. How prepared are – and your team – for even more adversity? How will you handle even more personal/professional and individual/organizational adversity when it hits? Adversity won’t be eradicated once COVID-19 is over. Do you acknowledge that it’s not a matter of if obstacles and challenges will occur… it’s a matter of when. You (obviously) don’t know when they will strike, in what form they will take, and their severity – but will you be prepared? Have you strengthened your ‘grit muscle’ to take on any adversity? Do you view adversity as a gift/opportunity?


30 Second Time-Out: August 2020

Talent wins. In sports and in business. You have to have the horses to win the race… consistently. However, talent alone is never enough. You have to maximize it (cough, cough – develop it)!

When it comes to talent:

  1. Can you spot it?
  2. Can you attract it?
  3. Can you develop it?
  4. Can you retain it?

Talent is the #1 predictor of performance!


Welcome to Season 5 of the Raise Your Game Show! This podcast unpacks and dissects the strategies and principles of high performance in sports and business.

In this season I interview myself to provide you with unparalleled wisdom and insight.

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I’ve regularly delivered nuggets like that in virtual presentations to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, sales teams, and high school & college sports teams. Each experience is customized and packed with practical, actionable strategies and takeaways.

If your organization is interested – please reply to this email – I would be honored to explore and discuss!


Whether you coach a high school sports team or run a Fortune 500 company, ask these questions:

  1. Ask your leaders: What are the primary 3 expectations you have for those that you lead?

Do you model those 3 things daily? If you don’t model it, you can’t expect it.

  1. Ask everyone on the team: What are 3 things you do every day to elevate and/or uphold our culture?

If every person on our team gave your effort and had your attitude… would that be a good thing?


I was recently a guest on a podcast and was asked to complete this Word Bracket. I’ve been interviewed on 200+ podcasts and this was one of the most innovative, unique, and fun questions I’ve ever been asked!

As you can see, I chose Self-Awareness as my champion!

Who do you have winning it all? Who is in your final four?

Please fill it out, post on social, and tag me at @AlanSteinJr so I can see your picks!


I’m thrilled to announced I just signed a deal for my 2nd book! Raise Your Game taught you how to elevate your performance. Sustain Your Game will teach you how to keep it there… long term. I’m aiming for a mid 2021 release!

Overtime: August 2020