Most of us are hanging onto a terrible myth.

I know where you got it because I got it there too: college. 

But if you want to succeed and avoid burnout, this idea must go.

We need to rid ourselves of the idea that being in a time crunch improves our performance.

You don’t do better under the gun.

Studies show that people are less creative when they’re against the clock. 

And even worse, we bring that feeling to the next thing. 

It’s called a time-pressure hangover.

Those who regularly work this way lose their creativity for the next three days.

Procrastination isn’t only a time management issue; 

It’s an emotional one. 

Procrastination actually has to do with how you feel about doing something.

Dig into the reason you’re putting off the work. 

You’re more likely to remove your obstacles that way. 

Plus, when you kill time with meaningless activity, you’re actually increasing your stress. 

You may feel like you’re putting off the cause of the stress.

But you’re doing the opposite, feeding it. 

The best way to fight this urge? 


Routines decrease stress by bringing predictability and organization to our days.

Take your waffling, wavering, and rationalizing off the table. 

If you have a routine and you stick to it, the effort vanishes.