Your body language matters.

Your body language, posture and facial expressions broadcast your attitude, mindset and awareness to the world around you.

Question, if your coaches and teammates had your body language, would that be a good thing?

Your body language either fills your team’s bucket or it drains it.

It either raises your team’s energy or it lowers it.

It either adds to your team’s composure or it rattles it.

Good body language communicates that you are poised, optimistic and confident. It says that you are a winner.

Bad body language reveals that you are frazzled, frustrated, dejected and deflated. Bad body language is the physical display of blaming, complaining and making excuses.

And that trilogy of behaviors will never, ever improve your situation, make things better, heighten your performance, or increase your chance of winning.

How is your body language when things don’t go your way? After a turnover, after a missed shot, or after a referee’s missed call, do you take a stoic approach, quickly bounce back and move to the next play? Or do you sulk, pout and stay stuck in the past?

Fact, you cannot perform at your best while displaying bad body language.

DISCLAIMER: This video was not intended to judge, condemn, or criticize any of the players shown – I have the utmost respect and admiration for each them. I simply wanted to highlight their behavior during certain moments to teach an overarching lesson.