I work hard to create deep connections with each of my children… to be fully present when I’m with them… and to model the positive behavior/habits I believe would be beneficial for them to emulate as they get older.

With that said, I intentionally chose a very ‘hands off’ parenting style. I believe in giving my kids appropriate autonomy and letting them make their own decisions… and most importantly, to be fully responsible and accountable, for the choices they make.

Here are the only 3 non-negotiable ‘rules’ I have for my kids:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Be honest
  3. *Be accountable

*No complaining, no blaming others, and no making excuses

Above and beyond those 3, I have one additional suggestion (not a rule per se, but heavily encouraged):

Do the best you are capable of in everything you do.

But that one is their choice. If they choose NOT to give their best effort, or have their best attitude, they will be the ones to suffer the consequences. And the primary penalty they’ll suffer is the pain of mediocrity.

I’m confident if my children do these 4 things consistently… they will lead happy, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

Which as their father is all I hope for.