30 Second Time-Out: June 2019

3 Short Thoughts on Leadership: A team can’t outperform its leadership (Leadership is not a difference maker... it’s the difference maker). Leaders either raise a team or they undermine it. A team simply can’t become something the leader isn’t. Be the type of leader...

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Full Time-Out: June 2019

“Life gives you plenty of opportunities. The key is always being prepared to take advantage of them… because you never know when they will come.” – Tom Brady To truly pursue excellence, you need to WATCH, READ and DO! Watch On the topic of Kobe, click here to check...

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30 Second Time-Out: May 2019

3 Short Thoughts on Culture: Culture is not a result of what you say... it’s a result of what you do (consistently). Teams with a winning culture can accomplish anything. Teams with a losing culture will struggle with everything. Your culture will determine your long...

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Full Time-Out: May 2019

“Most people believe accountability means blame. It doesn’t. Accountability is being held to the standard you have accepted as what you want, individually and collectively” – Jay Bilas To truly pursue excellence, you need to WATCH, READ and DO! Watch Read In order for...

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30 Second Time-Out: April 2019

3 Short Thoughts on Change: Team change can’t happen without individual change. It takes personal change to create team change. You can’t transform a team. However, you can transform people and they can transform the team. The first step to improving your team is...

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Full Time-Out: April 2019

“Every morning when you wake up you have a choice to make. You can choose to work hard or you can choose to not work hard. That’s it. That is the most fundamental choice you have to make each day. But if you have to acknowledge that not working hard is a choice.” –...

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“Alan was the perfect emcee for our Leadership Academy. He was able to masterfully connect, engage and inspire every guest” Bryan K. Williams, DM

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