For most of my life, I’ve craved attention, achievement, acceptance, admiration, adoration, and approval (and any other positive word that starts with ‘A’!). 

I needed the external validation to boost my self-worth, self-belief, and self-confidence… which helped me mask my insecurities. 

This insatiable quest was heightened exponentially with the advent of social media (and a 24-7 desire for likes, shares, comments, re-Tweets, and followers).

While external validation still feels amazing, I no longer NEED it. 

While praise and recognition is truly appreciated, it’s no longer NECESSARY. 

While a standing ovation feels great, it’s no longer my measuring stick for how well I performed.

Instead, I’m learning to derive my fulfillment from looking inward and becoming more intrinsically inspired. 

This has not been an easy or quick process. 

It’s taken a ton of unlearning and reconditioning (and I still have setbacks… so I obviously have plenty of work to do).

But it is so worth it.

This new approach is liberating and empowering. 

It puts me in the driver’s seat and not at the mercy of others. 

It reduces the effect the outer world has on my inner world.

It’s helped my overall mental health immensely. 

My previously incessant need for external validation wasn’t serving me well. 

I felt empty. 

I never felt like I was enough.

It felt unquenchable.

This new path is inching me closer to inner peace and true self-actualization. 

Which will be a lifelong journey!