Full Time-Out: February 2020

Don’t worry about being the best, focus on being your best. Strive to ‘show up’ as your best self – mentally, physically, and emotionally – in everything you do. You owe that to yourself and you owe that to the people you care about and serve.

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“Before you can win, you have to know what loses.”

In one of the most memorable nights of my career I enjoyed a small group dinner in Tunica, MS with Bobby Knight about 10 years ago. We had both spoken earlier that day at a Nike Basketball Clinic. He told us at dinner why that concept was such an integral part of his overall coaching philosophy.

Seasoned coaches are always searching for – and reflecting on – the ways they could get beat.

They want to know where (and why) they are vulnerable.

“If we were to get beat this Friday, why would we lose?”

It’s a million dollar question.

Because once you pinpoint how/why you may lose, you can focus some of your practice time to addressing your weaknesses and patching up those holes.

Similarly, they also work to get heightened clarity on what will allow them to win and what gives them a competitive advantage.

And they practice those things too.

They don’t just do random drills. Their practices are organized around and focused on the things that will get them to win… as well as the things that will get them beat.

  • Everything else is irrelevant.
  • Everything else is a distraction.
  • Everything else is noise.

I feel wholeheartedly that business leaders should adopt a similar approach.

  • What’s causing team member attraction?
  • Why has there been a slight dip in sales?
  • What’s causing friction between departments?

Patch those holes.

  • What do we do well?
  • What makes us unique?
  • What gives us an edge?

Double down on those.

After all, “You play the way you practice.”

Don’t complicate winning.


30 Second Time-Out: February 2020

Hey, hey! I can’t believe February is almost over. How did that happen so quickly?

It’s been my own personal experience that when Emotional Intelligence (EQ) goes up… so does happiness, fulfillment, productivity, performance, and success. That’s because a high EQ allows you to manage/regulate your emotions (as all as the emotions of others), handle adversity, and navigate change. Life will be miserable if you can’t do those 3 things.

The best news? EQ is a skill. It can be improved and developed… no different than driving.

There is a direct relationship between how you think, how you feel, and how you behave. Those with high EQ follow these 4 steps every time they think, feel, and act:

  1. Perceive
  2. Reason
  3. Understand
  4. Manage

This graphic shows the relationship between what is known/unknown to ourselves and to others:

*I picked up these valuable nuggets when I sat in on a breakout session led by Dr. Singh at the Jamaica Business Development Employee Engagement Conference in October of 2019.


EQ is so important I talk about it in every keynote, workshop, and training… as well as every time I am guest on a podcast!

EQ is vital to staying level headed. While we rarely control what happens to us each day, we are always in full control of how we respond. Don’t ever let someone Emotionally Hijack you! You are in control. That is why leaders with high emotional intelligence do the following 5 things consistently:

  1. Clearly communicate their vision and expectations
  2. Cultivate deep, meaningful relationships
  3. Provide honest, real-time feedback
  4. Coach their team through conflict and challenges
  5. Navigate and adapt to change

I hope this info has helped you raise your EQ game.

Overtime: February 2020

The end of February means two things:

  1. 1/6th of the year is already in the books
  2. It’s March Madness time!

Get ready for the tournament with this classic clip!

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Speaking of video, here is an exclusive peek behind the curtain from Season 2:

Emotional Intelligence

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