I believe in having crystal clear goals… a North Star if you will.

A well devised goal should provide you with direction, inspiration, and meaning.

But for me personally, the goal itself isn’t what’s most important.

It’s the process.

It’s the mindsets, habits, routines, discipline, approach, outlook, and ACTION STEPS that matter most.

Daily, systematic, incremental action steps that inch you closer to your goal.

It’s not the house, it’s executing the blueprint.

It’s not the cake, it’s executing the recipe.

It’s not the movie, it’s executing the script.

When you focus on the PROCESS… the goal will often take care of itself.

To help keep myself on track… and make sure my daily process is aligned with my ultimate goal… I ask myself two very important questions on the bookends of my day:

MORNING: What can I do today that will move me closer to my goal?

EVENING: I just traded 24 hours of my life for the progress I made today. Am I happy with that trade?

At present, I have two very clear goals:

Professional: Speaking revenue goal

Personal: Physique/body fat goal

I am currently dialed into both… and I am making slow, steady progress!

Neither of these goals can be achieved in a day… a week… a month… or even a quarter! Both of these goals will require 9-12 months of DAILY focus! Both of these goals require me to be locked in to the PROCESS.