Average teams give their people something to work on. Great teams give their people something to work toward.” – Simon Sinek

To truly pursue excellence, you need to WATCH, READ and DO!



Formal interviews were conducted with more than 20,000 individuals and 2,000 organizations, including eighty Fortune 100 companies. The results were overwhelming.

There are 3 primary reasons a person or business isn’t successful:

  1. They have difficulty handling change
  2. They have an inability to work as a team
  3. They have poor interpersonal skills

All three of these are the result of a low Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Notice that IQ related skill sets had nothing to do with it.


How does this happen? EQ isn’t readily taught. Our entire educational system is focused on IQ and standardized tests. As a society, we don’t simply don’t teach EQ. This is especially true with males. Most males are wrongfully conditioned as little boys to ‘stop crying’ and not to talk about, share, or properly process their emotions.

As tragic and awful as these school shootings are, they don’t surprise me at all. The combination of social isolation, bullying, and non-existent EQ is a sound recipe for these horrific events.

It’s time we make a shift. It’s time we start valuing EQ, teaching EQ, and praising EQ. Emotional Intelligence is the #1 tool for effective leadership, at work and at home.

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Write down the name of someone you consider a mentor (someone that has already blazed the trail you are following). This person is your Plus (+).

Write down the name of someone you consider an equal (someone that is at your level with similar aspirations & goals). This person is your Equal (=).

Write down the name of someone you could mentor (someone that would like to be where you are one day). This person is your Minus (-).

Make a commitment to investing quality time with each of these three people on a consistent basis.

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