“Criticize the performance, never the performer.” – Lou Holtz

To truly pursue excellence, you need to WATCH, READ and DO!



If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

  • X-ray vision?
  • Superhuman strength?
  • The ability to fly?

As cool as those would be, mine would be the ability to always be focused on the present moment. To learn from the past and plan for the future, but to make sure my attention was always in the here and now.

The easiest way to describe living present is to ‘be where your feet are.’ Make sure your brain and your heart are wherever your feet are.

Sounds easy, right?

It is without question the biggest challenge most people face today.

Why is living present so valuable? It will allow you to maximize the most precious resource you have: your time.

I want to you to imagine your life is like an hourglass. And the moment you were born, your hourglass got flipped over and the sand started falling.

There are 3 indisputable truths about time.

There are 3 indisputable truths about your hourglass.

  1. You don’t know how much sand is at the top. Time is not promised and it is not guaranteed.
  2. You can’t stop the sand from going to the bottom. Time can’t be stopped or paused. It’s constantly in motion.
  3. Once the sand hits the bottom, it’s gone forever! It’s over. You can’t save time or get time back.

So clearly, time is your most precious resource.

Therefore, maximizing your time is the key to improving your efficiency and increasing your productivity.


Get 90 index cards. Write the name of a colleague you truly appreciate on each card. Put the stack on your desk. Each morning grab a card and email that person something that will add value to their life. Maybe introduce them to someone you know that would be helpful to them? Maybe share an article, blog, book or podcast you found education, inspirational or helpful? Every 90 days start over (so over the course of the year you will have emailed each one 4 times).

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