Rise and GRIND!

You gotta GRIND!

Don’t stop GRINDING!

Get up early…

Stay late…

Push harder…

Outwork everyone…

Never quit…

Work while they rest…

No pain, no gain…

Is anyone else tired of this mindset?

I mean literally, tired?

I am.

Sometimes you should sleep in.

Sometimes you should quit.

Sometimes you should take your foot off the gas.

I don’t know about you, but I have zero desire to grind my way through life.

Do you know the definition of grind?

“To reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it.”

I am not trying to reduce myself to small particles…

I don’t want to get through life… I want to get from life.

I fully acknowledge the need to work HARD, SMART and CONSISTENTLY.

I do all 3.

I know the importance of leaving your COMFORT ZONE and embracing THE PROCESS.

I do both.

I realize the value in continually GROWING, EVOLVING and REINVENTING.

I am heavily focused on my development.

But guess what?

You can do all of those things without grinding 24-7.

Trust me.

I stopped grinding a little over 3 years ago… and I’ve never felt happier, as fulfilled… or… drumroll… as SUCCESSFUL… as I feel now.

I have tremendous admiration and respect for Gary V and Eric Thomas. Both are brilliant. And both preach the grind way of life. And that’s OK! That works for them.

But it doesn’t work for me.

And I’m finally at peace with that…