I recently had an insightful conversation with a very successful Hollywood stuntman (who I’ve chosen to keep anonymous since this was a private conversation). But please know his resume is incredible – he’s done stunts for numerous A-List leading men and has appeared in several blockbuster TV shows and movies.

I asked him what he attributed his success to.

His answer?

“The thing I chose… chose me back.”

Wow. I got goosebumps the moment he said it.

While I was pretty sure I knew what he meant… I asked him to clarify.

Stunt work and acting is my passion. It’s my calling. It’s my thing. It’s what I am choosing to dedicated myself to.”

And as you would see from his resume, the TV/movie industry chose him back.

He then continued…

“Growing up, I was a really good soccer player… through high school and college… but I was not good enough to play professionally. Even though soccer was my thing, the thing I chose did not choose me back!”

What is your thing?

Has it chosen you back?

If not, what’s your next move?