Even though it is no longer ‘breaking news’ – the shock of Kobe’s tragic death still lingers. And while I’m excited to launch this new monthly email series (Overtime), it didn’t feel right to send this first one out without paying proper tribute… especially since Season 2, Ep. 1 and Season 2, Ep. 1.5 were about The Mamba Mentality.

In addition to those two podcast episodes, I’ve begun every single keynote I’ve ever given with a story about meeting Kobe for the first time and watching one of his legendary private workouts. What he taught me was epiphanic and life-changing. I will proudly keep telling this story from the stage to honor his legacy… and would be honored if you shared.

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I am excited to offer the best snippets and quotes from EVERY single podcast episode this season and all season moving forward to this wonderful email tribe.