Full Time-Out: June 2020

People joke that 2020 has been ‘the worst year ever.’ But what if 2020 is the wake-up call we needed to recalibrate?

What if 2020 is necessary to put us on a better path? What if, in hindsight, 2020 proves to be the most impactful and pivotal year of our lives? We need optimism, positivity, and poise to prevail. And while being positive does not guarantee that things will get better… being negative guarantees they won’t…

Granted, the first half of 2020 has been challenging to say the least. First Kobe is taken from us, then COVID-19 turns the world upside down, and then the horrific and tragic murder of Mr. George Floyd (once again bringing to light the toxic systemic racism and social inequalities we still harbor in the US).

But we still have a second half to play! We still have a chance to win. As the legendary coach Morgan Wooten used to say when DeMatha was losing at halftime, “Good news guys – they just won the WRONG half!”

It doesn’t matter where you are now, it matters where you finish. Let’s finish strong.

Video Breakdown Series

In this episode we take a look back to 2015 at an interview Rachel Nichols did with Jen Welter – the NFL’s first female coach. Here are my 3 most meaningful take-a-ways from Coach Welter…

  1. She shared why a key to her success was caring for her players as human beings first and as athletes second
  2. She acknowledged that she knew football as well as anyone else which garnered the players’ respect
  3. She explained how writing hand-written notes to each player was a powerful connection tool


If you want to become the best of yourself and finish this year strong… you must trust the process.

There are no shortcuts or hacks. You must earn, and deserve, success.

Where you are today is less important than the direction you are heading.

Progress is way more important than perfection.

Here are 6 keys to generating momentum in the second half of 2020:

  1. Work on your craft (in some capacity) every single day
  2. Remain open to coaching and feedback from those you trust
  3. Constantly study experts who have attained a high level of mastery
  4. Get in purposeful reps (take advantage of every opportunity you can to practice)
  5. Take calculated risks and try new stuff (then do more of what works and less of what doesn’t)
  6. Ask questions (your level of success will always be in direct proportion to the questions you ask)


In this season I unpack the key stories, lessons, principles, and strategies from my book, Raise Your Game: High Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best.

Season 4 has launched! Check out the first two episodes below.

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30 Second Time-Out: June 2020

As business open back up and teams reassemble, here are 3 common issue facing leaders and organizations:

  1. Ineffective Leadership: With so many things thrown out of whack these past 90+ days, it’s vital that leaders refocus the lens and get heightened clarity on their purpose, each team member’s role, and newly refined standards/practices/processes. Leaders need to develop unparalleled insight on how to listen empathetically, connect meaningfully, and speak intentionally with each member on the team. They need to encourage, educate, and empower everyone to buy-in and believe-in to the renewed vision and mission.
  2. Team Dysfunction: Leaders must re-cultivate a championship level culture where everyone on the team feels engaged, empowered, and appreciated… and knows why they are important, how they contribute, and why their work is valuable. They need to practice effective ways to deal with team members that demonstrate signs of selfishness and appear ‘me driven’ instead of ‘we driven’ as well as those that undermine authority. Leaders need to constantly uncover new ways to create an effective system of accountability and to get everyone on the team to understand, embrace, and star in their role.
  3. Low Performance. Leaders need to learn how, and more importantly why, identity drives standards, standards need accountability, accountability creates culture and culture produces long-term, sustainable results. They need to learn proven strategies on how to individually and collectively eliminate distractions and live in the present, embrace change, and master the unseen hours. Leaders need to rediscover tips on how to compassionately engage team members that struggle to reach their performance potential and aren’t as productive as they are capable of.


I wanted to announce that “Your Game Plan – Student Athlete Edition” is coming soon! This online course was strategically designed by me to help middle/high school and college athletes improve their leadership, communication, and habits as well as become their best self on and off the court/field.

Here are a few samples of the lessons taught:

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Leaders of great organizations follow this 4-step process:

  1. They recruit and hire amazing people that fit their culture and who possess a strength that the team needs
  2. They consistently train and develop their people and help them acquire new skills
  3. They constantly support and empower their people to push past their comfort zones and take risks
  4. They get out of the way and let their people star in their role


Have you check out Season 4 of the Raise Your Game Show?

In this season I unpack the key stories and lessons from my book, Raise Your Game: High Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best.

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Over the past several weeks I’ve delivered virtual presentations with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, sales teams, and high school & college sports teams. Each was customized and packed with practical, actionable strategies and takeaways.

If your organization is interested – please reply to this email – I would be honored to explore and discuss!

Overtime: June 2020

In this season I unpack the key stories and lessons from my book, Raise Your Game: High Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best. If you’ve already read or listened to my book… please enjoy the reinforcement and reminders. Remember, repetition is not punishment.

If this is new to you… I hope you find this content helpful.

You can order the full audiobook at Audible.com or wherever audiobooks are sold. You can also order paperback or hard copies, for you or your entire team or organization, at RaiseYourGameBook.com.

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I received this question via a live Q&A during a webinar:

“Alan, how do you always remain so positive?!’

My response:

  1. I am NOT always positive. I feel a full spectrum of emotions just like everyone else! I feel disappointed, frustrated, angry, sad, anxious, etc. But I’ve worked hard to develop the EQ skills to manage and process them effectively so that they don’t erode my perspective or mindset.
  2. How do I do that? I acknowledge and own how I am feeling – I don’t ignore it, resist it, or suppress it. I give myself permission to feel that way! I treat myself with grace/compassion. While I certainly don’t like feeling that way… I know it is OK… and it is part of being human. I don’t get mad at myself for feeling mad… as that only makes things worse. I depersonalize it. I recognize that I am not my emotions. I am the awareness of my emotions. Emotions are ever fleeting. Happy one minute, mad the next. I view my emotions as data… as information. I do NOT let how I feel dictate how I behave. Just because I am angry, doesn’t mean I act angry or lash out at others because of my anger. I take full ownership of my feelings. No one can make me angry (or sad, happy, etc.). That is my choice. This process helps me manage/process my emotions… and allows them to run through me instead of consume me. I know when I am feeling sad, angry, disappointed, frustrated… that it is only temporary… and will pass. THAT FUELS MY POSITIVITY.
  3. The other keys to staying positive are protecting my mental/emotional/physical environment:
    • I don’t watch/read/listen to the news
    • I vet the folks I follow/friend on social media carefully (and ‘cut’ anyone that is negative, pessimistic, or gossipy).
    • I insulate myself with people in real life the same way.
    • I have a morning routine (make bed, meditate, exercise, etc.) that lays the foundation for the rest of my day and helps set the tone for a positive frame of mind!


Coming Soon

COMING SOON! Your Game Plan: Student Athlete is an on-demand, digital course that reinforces the traits, habits, and mindset necessary for your middle school through collegiate student athlete to achieve high performance.

This course is a collection of video clips from virtual keynote presentations I have done for elite coaches, D1 athletes, and fortune 500 companies organized to provide your student athlete guidance on: how to achieve high performance, the habits needed to become successful in every part of their life, and the mindset needed to excel in their future careers. Stayed tuned to @AlanSteinJr on Instagram and Twitter for launch details.

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