Make a list of five failures in your life that felt significant at the time.

Now, determine what, if anything, resulted out of those failures.

Here’s what I’m guessing you’ll find.

Those failures were actually opportunities for growth.

When you break it down, life is simply a never-ending series of attempts.

Everything we do, every minute of every day, is just another attempt.

Some attempts feel bigger and more important because we build them up in our minds.

But in reality, they’re not.

Not in the BIG picture.

That interview?

It’s just an attempt.

That proposal?

It’s just an attempt.

That workout?

It’s just an attempt.

They are all attempts.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Thankfully, every attempt is a chance to learn, grow, and develop in some area of our lives.

That’s because every attempt provides us with feedback.

We get to choose how to process this feedback.

And the perspective we choose influences our performance.

We can choose to react to the feedback in a way that serves us and moves us forward.

Or we can choose to react to the feedback in a way that cripples us and sets us back.

When the day to day is weighing on you, pull back and focus on where you’re going.

Growth is big-picture thinking.