I am very consistent with my weekly workout regimen (and have been since I was 15 years old).

Every time my kids are with me I invite them to join me.

On most days, they politely decline… usually to sleep in or play on their devices instead.

And I am totally fine with that!

Generally speaking, my kids are incredibly active (they each play on a year-round basketball team).

As part of my overall parenting philosophy, I choose never force my kids to do anything.

Nor do I bribe them, shame them, or guilt them.

I simply offer opportunities, encourage them, and support whatever they decide.

But I make sure they own their decisions.

I model the behavior I believe would be most beneficial for them to emulate and I explain to them the reasons I make the decisions I make.

But I never tell them what to believe, what to think, or what to do.

I want them to learn to make good decisions.

And I want them to learn to hold themselves responsible for bad decisions.

I want them to know that every decision – small or large – yields a result/outcome. And sometimes you won’t see that outcome for a while.

I also want them to know that consistency matters. A lot.

Consistently making better decisions yields consistently better results.

Above all else, I want my kids to know I love them with all of my heart UNCONDITIONALLY.

My love for them has NOTHING to do with whether or not they work out, whether they get good grades, or whether they are All-Star basketball players or not.

The only things I require of my kids – non-negotiables – is for them to be respectful, kind, and honest.

I’m confident if they can do those things consistently that everything else will fall into place.