Why is learning to manage change so important?

Because change is constant.

It happens every minute of every day.

It is literally unavoidable.

And if that’s not enough… most people fear change.

The word itself has been proven to increase anxiety and stress.

Most people have been wired to view change as negative. The moment they hear that ‘something needs to change’ they immediately look internally at how that will affect them…

  • What will I have to give up?
  • What will I have to quit?
  • What will I lose?

How would you feel if you could actually welcomed change?

Just imagine what it would be like to not only accept change… but to embrace it!

High performers view change as being synonymous with transition.

And they acknowledge that life is simply a series of transitions.

Some big, some small.

Some good, some bad.

Think of all of the transitions you go through in your life:

  • Going from 1st grade to 2nd grade or from middle school to high school
  • Going from single to married or from married to having kids
  • Going from healthy to sick or from job to job…

We are always in a constant state of transition.

But this is a great thing! Because growth can only come from transition.

New results require new behaviors.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

So a change or a transition must occur for you to improve in area of your life.  It is required.

And your ability to improve your performance is predicated on your ability to manage transition.