Meeting Planners


What to Expect?

Before the Event

Alan will extensively prepare. What is the purpose of your event? Who is you audience? What challenges to they face? What do you want them to differently after his talk? Alan will work closely with you to familiarize himself with your audience (or company) and create a customized message with practical, actionable deliverables to best serve them.

During the Event

Alan’s primary objective is to ‘fill buckets’ and ‘plant seeds’ (which means he will entertain, engage, educate and empower the audience). He will use the power of story to teach pivotal lessons, principles and strategies that they can implement immediately to raise their game!

After the Event

Alan will remain accessible and supportive after he leaves the stage (or conference room). He will supply a menu of reinforcement (and accountability) tools and programs to help each participant put what they learned into action. His commitment to serving doesn’t end when the event is over.