With January 1st around the corner, I caution you to avoid the temptation of putting too much emphasis on your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions, big picture thinking, or focusing on long term goals.

Yes, I know that goes against everything you’ve heard about ‘setting goals.’

But I propose another approach.

Instead of focusing on the actual resolutions/goals, shift your focus to the process, micro-steps, and tangible markers of incremental progress.

Don’t focus on the wall, focus on each brick.

Don’t focus on the stairs, focus on each step.

Strive to create positive, forward momentum by consistently winning each and every opportunity, each and every rep, and each and every moment.

Win THIS meal. Win THIS workout. Win THIS sale. Win THIS meeting. Win THIS phone call.


The only way to achieve massive goals is to win as many moments and opportunities as possible!