After letting the mics cool down for a couple of years while I transitioned into professional speaking… I’m excited to launch the Raise Your Game Show. So why this show? Why now?

The goal of this show to simply be an extension of Raise Your Game and share additional high-performance secrets from the best of the best – in sports and in business.

Each season will drop at once in its entirety… Netflix style.

In the first season, which is available now through iTunes, Stitcher and Google, I dusted off the archives and pulled 8 of the most impactful interviews I’ve ever recorded… with big names like Kevin Durant and Gary Vee. I wanted to revisit these conversations as the wisdom they shared was timeless. More importantly, I wanted to take a deeper dive to dissect and unpack their most powerful points.

Please subscribe on the platform of your choice so you don’t miss a beat and I look forward to helping you raise your game!


“We’ve brought Alan back several times to work with our leadership teams, both regionally and nationally, as he always helps motivate and equip us with the tools needed to improve.”

Kristy Byrd

SVP Of Human Resources, US Fitness

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