I know so many industries are struggling. And the must challenging part is that there is no end in sight. So many businesses feel like they are treading water… indefinitely. They have no idea what tomorrow – or 2021 – will look like. That uncertainty is scary. 

This is not an illusion. Fear of the uncertain is real. It’s palpable. And it can be paralyzing if you allow it to be.

No matter how bleak things are… leaders still have the choice to be PROACTIVE or REACTIVE.

In basketball, being REACTIVE is called ‘playing not to lose instead of playing to win.’ And it rarely works. 

Times of uncertainty are the most opportune times to invest in your people and put even more emphasis on the fundamentals (leadership, cohesion, culture and customer experience). 

While everyone else clinches their pocket books, tenses up, and makes poor decisions based on fear… you can gain a significant advantage (and market share) by leaning in.

The Navy SEALS say, “Under pressure you will fall to the level of your training.” In business, ‘training’ is analogous to ‘culture.’ During times like this, your business will fall to the culture you’ve created. Ask yourself, is that a good thing?

It’s not a coincidence that the most innovative businesses have made numerous pivots and continue to focus on the fundamentals and invest in their people… especially during these current times of massive uncertainty. 

I do not mean for this post to sound insensitive. I fully acknowledge that some industries and businesses have been hit much harder… to devastating degrees (massive lay-offs or bankruptcy)… this is more about a mindset and philosophy for dealing with adversity.