High performers are dedicated to serving others.

They love being part of something bigger than themselves.

They are fully committed to adding value to everyone and everything they come in contact with.

They focus on making everyone around them better by putting the other person’s interests, needs and goals first.

They bring energy, enthusiasm and effort to every interaction.

And when they see a problem, they fix it.

They are problem solvers, not problem makers.

When it comes to their teammates…

  • They mentor them
  • They challenge them
  • They involve them
  • They value them
  • They trust them
  • They empower them
  • And they appreciate them

If you are a true servant leader, then you know, it ain’t about you… it’s about them.

You do everything in your power to raise the level of everyone around you.

Everyone’s greatest need is to feel loved and appreciated.

True servant leaders make as many people feel that way as they can… every day.

To truly serve others you have to be unselfish.

It is impossible to be selfish and serve simultaneously.

Servant leadership is often hard to come by because it is wired in our DNA to look out for ourselves and to always do what is in our own best interests.

So learning to take pride in effectively serving others is one of the most valuable skill sets on the planet.