Rise and GRIND! You gotta GRIND!! Don’t stop GRINDING!

Get up early… stay late… keep pushing harder… never quit… work while they rest… no pain, no gain…

Well, I have a different perspective:

Sometimes you should sleep in and get some extra rest.

Sometimes you should quit your current track and pivot towards a new direction.

Sometimes you should take your foot off the gas.

I don’t know about you, but I have zero desire to GRIND my way through life.

I don’t want to push THROUGH life… I want to get FROM life.

I fully acknowledge the need to work HARD, SMART, and CONSISTENTLY.

I strive to do all 3.

I know the importance of leaving your COMFORT ZONE and embracing THE PROCESS.

I aim to do both.

I realize the value in continually GROWING, EVOLVING, and REINVENTING.

I work towards development.

But guess what?

You can do all of those things without GRINDING 24-7.

I stopped GRINDING – and started ENJOYING – several years ago and my happiness, performance, and productivity went through the roof!