Maybe you’re the vice president of your company.

Maybe you make a six-figure income.

It doesn’t matter how successful you are in your career—

You might still be stagnating.

Maybe you’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm.

And maybe you’re afraid to admit it.

You have to break the temptation to stay in mental cruise control.

As a teenager, Steph Curry had always been a good shooter.

But his father, NBA player Dell Curry, knew that Steph’s unorthodox form would be a problem.

Steph shot from a very low release point.

So Steph spent the summer before his junior year in high school re-learning how to shoot,

It was a process that required him to fail over and over again—

At the one thing he’d been phenomenal at.

This is one of the greatest leaving your comfort zone examples I can think of.

Steph would not be who he is if he hadn’t done this difficult and emotionally painful thing.

Reinvention involves letting go of something that was once integral to your identity.

Whether it’s fear or habit or old-fashioned laziness that keeps you on autopilot, you might need to drop your old tools.

That will help you free yourself up to move forward and pick up new ones.