I’m no certainly no biohacker, but for the past several years I’ve become increasing interested in optimizing how I look, feel, and perform as well as fascinated by anti-aging protocols. I’ve paid close attention to the brilliant minds of Andrew Huberman, Gary Brecka, Dave Asprey, and David Sinclair.

I will be turning 48 in January and my goal is to live well into my 100’s with a high quality of life (be as mentally, physically, and emotionally fit as possible). That means I am just about at the halftime of my life!

And like any good coach, I plan to make a series of strategic halftime adjustments to ensure I play MUCH BETTER in the second half!

For anyone interested (fellow Health Nerds unite!), here is the foundation of what I do consistently at present:

  • Take Athletic Greens daily
  • Take a shot of high olive oil daily
  • Take collagen protein daily
  • Strength train 2-3 times per week
  • Interval train 2-3 times per week
  • Do sauna + cold shower/plunge 2-3 times per week
  • Sleep on a grounding/earthing mattress pad
  • Use my Oura Ring to monitor my sleep/recovery
  • Intermittent fast and eat ‘clean’ 90% of the time

For 2024, I’m leveling up.


I’ve invested in two tests to help me personalize and customize my nutrition (specifically my vitamin/mineral intake).

Test #1: Genes

This methylation test will help me find out which of my genes are functioning (and which aren’t) and discover my body’s deficiencies. This genetic test will provide me with the most comprehensive snapshot of my current well-being. It will show me exactly how my genes operate, what areas need improvement, and a roadmap on how I can optimize it.

Test #2: Gut

This Gut Intelligence Test will help me monitor and address gut imbalances or health symptoms related to poor gut health. More specifically, it will tell me:

  • Which “healthy” foods may actually be harmful to my gut right now
  • Understand what supplements are needed to address my gut health
  • Specific recommendations for probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers
  • How to feed and promote the good activity in my gut
  • Optimize my unique glycemic response to food
  • Address activities contributing to inflammation

It will provide me with a customized food list of over 400 foods that is sorted into four categories: Avoid, Minimize, Enjoy, and Superfood (I will use this as my nutrition road map)!