Sustain Your Game is for high performers who want to learn how to maintain excellence across the short, intermediate, and long term.  It assembles invaluable advice and lessons from successful athletes, entrepreneurs, social scientists, journalists, CEOs, motivational speakers, business coaches, and consultants, as well as my own unique personal stories.

Sustain Your Game book

“Simply showing up will not leave the impact leaders need to have in their business. One must show up as their best self and ready to perform consistently. This book will help you do just that!”

Ellen Latham
Creator/Co-Founder, Orange Theory Fitness


Sustain Your Game is for anyone who is not only looking to improve their performance and productivity – but strives to do so consistently year after year without feeling burned out, hyper-stressed, or overwhelmed.

It is for high performers who want to learn practical strategies and actionable steps on how to maintain excellence across in the short, intermediate, and long term.  It assembles invaluable advice and lessons from successful athletes, entrepreneurs, social scientists, journalists, CEOs, motivational speakers, business coaches, and consultants, as well as Alan’s own unique personal stories.


The key to consistently improving performance and sustaining true excellence comes down to what you do during the Unseen Hours (when ‘no one is watching.’). Sustain Your Game examines how the highest performers across a plethora of industries have been able to create long-term success while simultaneously managing unparalleled pressure and stress.  It unpacks their standards, systems, and strategies and provides proven principles that can be implemented immediately to create sustainable excellence… and sustainable fulfillment…  in every area of life.


Sustain Your Game will empower you to get clarity on your true purpose… to know and embrace what you need to do during the Unseen Hours… how to view accountability from your inner circle as a gift… and to effectively manage stress through heightened emotional intelligence.


Most resources share ideas on how to improve performance. Some provide thoughts to sustaining performance. Very few, if any, do both of those while also addressing burn out, lack of work/life balance, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed and constantly stressed out.

These stats, which are alarming, have only been heightened since the COVID pandemic:

  • 34% of workers consider themselves overworked
  • 77% of workers feel burned out on the job
  • The ‘average’ US worker spends 25% of their day reading/responding to email
  • Fewer than 16% of companies have a program to help employees deal with stress
  • 40% of the US population believes work/life balance is unattainable
  • The ‘average’ US worker works 47 hours per week (49% work 50+, 20% work 60+)

Sustain Your Game offers a different approach. A way to improve productivity, impact, results, and fulfillment… while simultaneously decreasing burnout, attrition, and stress.


The goal of my first book, Raise Your Game, was to help readers achieve high performance in whatever they do. The goal of Sustain Your Game is to get them thinking about the next step: remaining there. The book is organized along a timeline of short term to long term because we are always battling all three: stress in the now, stagnation in the present, and burnout in the long term.  I believe that an easily decipherable structure is the best way to retain knowledge, so I’ve designed this book into three parallel sections:

Part 1

PERFORM is about managing stress in the day to day (short-term)

Part 2

PIVOT is about avoiding stagnation in your current situation (mid-term)

Part 3

PREVAIL is about beating burnout and making a lasting impact (long term)


They say knowledge is power. That’s not true. Well, at least it is complete. Power doesn’t come from the knowledge; it comes from the application of the knowledge. The power is in the action. It’s not the knowing, it’s the doing! At the end of every chapter, I’ve provided a series of practical, actionable steps you can implement immediately to help Sustain Your Game.

Here is a sample of the Action Steps from Chapter 1 (Focus):

  • Using a pen/pencil over a keyboard has been proven to help focus and performance. A study out of Princeton and UCLA found “students who wrote out notes longhand retained more and had a better conceptual understanding of the material than students who typed notes on a keyboard.” Writing it down sends a signal to your brain that it is more important.
  • Listen intently when people talk—even when they can’t see you (like on conference calls). When you spread our mind into two different places, it creates stress. The effort to be elsewhere is not possible and anxiety-producing. Be where you are.
  • De-Alert. Are you an ER Doctor? Firefighter? If not, how often do you actually need to be ‘on call’? Rarely. Maybe never. Shut off your notifications or leave your phone elsewhere during times you need to dig in. Your phone adds stress and breaks focus.
  • You can also take a page from Jeremy Dean and become a “scheduled checker” of your phone. (He suggests every 45 minutes). Choose times during the day to shut off your alerts and notifications. No one—not even your boss—gets a monopoly on your time.

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Sustain Your Game

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Sustain Your Game

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“If you want to sustain excellence in any area of your life, you need to work towards mastering the basics every single day. This book is filled with practical examples to help you consistently evolve into the best version of yourself.”

Sasan Goodarzi
Chief Executive Officer, Intuit

Here’s what others are saying about Sustain Your Game:

“A fantastic book… intuitively structured… truly insightful and extremely helpful. Alan shares his wealth of knowledge and experience from the sports world that readily translates over to the business arena for those of us looking to sustain and elevate our highest levels of performance, personal growth, and contribution throughout our careers. Can’t wait to share these core principals with my team.”

Kevin O’Sullivan
Senior Vice President R&D
PepsiCo Inc.

“After providing a blueprint to help you Raise Your Game, Alan now shows you exactly how to sustain it as well. This book is full of easy-to-digest concepts, principles, and strategies to maintain optimal performance and true fulfillment in every area of your life, for the rest of your life.”

Jason Levien
CEO and Managing Owner
D.C. United Soccer

“This book shares a practical approach to overcoming three common ailments in today’s business world: stress, stagnation, and burnout. Alan provides provocative stories, stats, and principles that will immediately influence your sustainable performance, fulfillment, and engagement.”

Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer

“Regardless of industry, now more than ever, it’s incredibly challenging to effectively cope with – and conquer – stress, stagnation, and burnout. This book is an invaluable resource for doing just that. It is a blueprint to sustaining excellence! Alan’s writing style is engaging, he is a captivating storyteller, and he knows how to distil complex ideas into bite sized, actionable nuggets. Sustain Your Game is full of impactful lessons to help you in any area of your life.”

Charles Watson
Chief Executive Officer
Tropical Smoothie Café, LLC

“This book offers a sensible approach to conquering the pitfalls that often undermine our ability to sustain excellence. Alan shares entertaining stories and offers an array of practical principles that will make an immediate impact on your long-term performance and success.”

George Raveling
Former Director of International Basketball

“Sustain Your Game provides invaluable tips and tools to help develop resilience, refocus energy while avoiding stress, distraction, and other outside forces. It’s packed with immediately actionable steps and practical insights to boost your performance!  Alan presents the most relevant and useful scientific research from different experts, writers, and clinicians, while adding from his own personal experience working with some of the highest performers in the world!”

Danielle Cantor Jeweler
Executive VP and Partner

“Achieving optimal performance is incredibly challenging. And sustaining it? Even harder. This book provides the practical tools to do just that. Alan’s game plan is a must for anyone looking to excel over the long haul.”

Shaka Smart
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Marquette University

“In order to win the outside game of performance, we must first win the inside game to lead ourselves.  Sustain Your Game is the playbook to do just that.  It will teach you the fundamentals to persevere and endure any climate, while staying disciplined to achieve the success and significance we all seek.”

Paul Epstein
Former NFL and NBA executive
Author of The Power of Playing Offense

“Alan is not only an incredible performance coach, keynote speaker, and author, but more importantly, he is an incredible person. He truly cares about helping others become the best versions of themselves and that is reflected in this book. Sustain Your Game will leave you with tangible tools and strategies to not only take your game to the next level but keep it there as well.”

Lauren Johnson
Former Mental Conditioning Coordinator
New York Yankees