Sustain Your Game

How to Effectively Manage Stress, Avoid Stagnation, and Beat Burnout

What do the most successful people do to continually get better?

Sustaining high performance in business and life boils down to the ability to develop strategies for leveling up three key areas:

PERFORM is about managing stress in the day to day (short term)

PIVOT is about avoiding stagnation in your current situation (medium term)

PREVAIL is about beating burnout and making a lasting impact (long term)

Known for the actionable strategies and tools for achieving high performance in his signature program, Raise Your Game, Alan Stein, Jr. takes the next step with this program – teaching audiences how to remain there. Sustain Your Game offers a different approach:  improve productivity, impact, results, and fulfillment… while simultaneously decreasing burnout, attrition, and stress.

Sustain Your Game will empower every attendee to:

  • Heighten clarity on your true purpose
  • Embrace ways to maximize the unseen hours
  • View accountability from your inner circle as a gift
  • Effectively improve emotional intelligence
  • Create standards and systems to sustain fulfillment

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Why this program really works:

To say the world has changed over the last few years would be a vast understatement. And the magnitude of these changes will be felt for decades. Research has shown that stress, stagnation, and burnout are at all-time highs, and they are affecting our lives in and out of the workplace.

These stats, which were gathered while writing Sustain Your Game, have only heightened since the global pandemic:

  • 34% of workers consider themselves overworked
  • 77% of workers feel burned out on the job
  • The ‘average’ US worker spends 25% of their day reading/responding to email
  • Fewer than 16% of companies have a program to help employees deal with stress
  • 40% of the US population believes work/life balance is unattainable
  • The ‘average’ US worker works 47 hours per week (49% work 50+, 20% work 60+)

So many organizations today have team members that:

  • Underperform because stress feels so overwhelming
  • Have hit a plateau or feel stuck
  • No longer feel a sense of purpose and are experiencing burnout
  • Aren’t dedicating time for self-care and are showing up as less than their best selves
  • Feel disconnected from the team because they work remotely

As a speaker, author, and business owner, Alan has genuine empathy and compassion for anyone feeling stressed, stagnate, and burned out. In full transparency, he’s wrestled with each of those afflictions on numerous occasions throughout his career. And while he admittedly is not sharing from a place of mastery, he is sharing from a place of progress and has developed effective methods to improve habits, mindset, and an approach to life and work.

Success Simplified: Alan’s Three Fundamentals of Sustainable Performance (and Fulfillment)

Engage the Process: Alan teaches why you need to place your attention and energy on the steps, not the goal. Why you need to learn to detach from outcomes, and instead learn to love the work itself. How to focus your energy on the steps, behaviors, and habits that will lead to your desired outcomes. Alan teaches how to derive fulfillment from the pursuit, not the result.

Focus on Growth: Alan shares why everything we do in life provides an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to improve. That’s because everything we do provides us with feedback. We get to choose how to process this feedback. And the perspective we choose influences our performance…and our rate of growth.

Embrace Resilience: Alan believes that every challenge and adversity you face will teach you a lesson or will create an opportunity. They aren’t always obvious, but they are there if you look closely enough. So, in essence, every challenge you face and adversity you incur is a gift if you choose to frame it that way!

Keep in mind that burnout is the long-term effect of misalignment. It’s when the activities you dedicate your time to don’t match your values anymore (if they ever did). The joy can drain out of something you once loved to do, and if the feeling persists, it may be time to re-examine how you’re going about your work. Sometimes getting through burnout requires a revamping of your perspective. Other times it’s a message telling you it’s time to move on. And then there’s everything in between.

Burnout is an accumulation of both stress and stagnation. Burnout means giving your all (that’s the stress part) to something that doesn’t matter enough to you (that’s the stagnation part). How much we care is a major factor of how much we’re able to give. Alan deconstructs these fundamentals with empathy and compassion and teaches proven strategies for sustaining excellence and fulfillment over the course of a long career.

Influencing at Its Best

This program strongly resonates with audiences because it gives them the practical, actionable frameworks they need to live better lives, feel inspired, and make a meaningful contribution at home and at work. Alan simplifies success by sharing real life examples with funny, captivating stories.

Alan Stein Jr Keynote Speaker