Sustain Your Game

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How to Effectively Manage Stress, Avoid Stagnation, and Beat Burnout

What do the most successful people do to continually get better?

Sustaining high performance in business and life boils down to the ability to develop strategies for leveling up three key areas:

PERFORM is about managing stress in the day to day (short term)

PIVOT is about avoiding stagnation in your current situation (medium term)

PREVAIL is about beating burnout and making a lasting impact (long term)

Known for the actionable strategies and tools for achieving high performance in his signature program, Raise Your Game, Alan Stein, Jr. takes the next step with this program – teaching audiences how to remain there. Sustain Your Game offers a different approach:  improve productivity, impact, results, and fulfillment… while simultaneously decreasing burnout, attrition, and stress.

Sustain Your Game will empower every attendee to:

  • Heighten clarity on your true purpose
  • Embrace ways to maximize the unseen hours
  • View accountability from your inner circle as a gift
  • Effectively improve emotional intelligence
  • Create standards and systems to sustain fulfillment

Click here for info on Alan’s newly released book of the same title, Sustain Your Game.