My new book, Sustain Your Game, officially launched this morning. But the journey that led to today formally began on October 8, 2019. 

That was the date I sent my first email to my publisher, literary agent, and co-author to propose my book concept. My initial idea was to write a book focused on organizational performance, culture, and collaboration (which I will most likely write in the future!). 

After 2+ months of group think and brainstorming, my team and I decided to pivot and go in a different direction than I originally suggested. We decided I should write a follow-up to Raise Your Game. 

Here is a screenshot of the actual email I got from Jon (my co-author) and when we finalized the framework to use for Sustain Your Game.

As you can see, that was 2+ months after my first email and 2+ years before today. 

What followed this email was a year and half of intense work during the Unseen Hours of a global pandemic: research, interviews, writing, editing, re-writing, organizing, and re-writing some more). 

So today’s launch has been a long time in the making… and a very rewarding process! 

If you decide to invest in it, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!