1. What is your system for self-improvement? What is your process for becoming the best version of yourself (mentally, emotionally & physically)? Do you model your commitment to personal excellence in front of your team? Can they ‘see’ the value you place on investing in yourself? Do you have a coach? Have you designed your morning/evening routine with intention? Are you focused on mastering your craft? Do you have self-awareness, self-discipline & self-respect?

2. How clearly do articulate your culture? How consistently do you emphasize it? If I asked any member of your team at random what your culture is – would their answer mirror yours? NOTE: I’m not talking about rehearsed or posted values and mission statements (which are important). I’m referring to your organization’s core beliefs, demonstrated behaviors and the actual experience they have as a member of your team. 

3. How well trained is your team? Do they practice the basics consistently? Are they prepared to execute their role at the highest level? Do they practice the same skills they need for peak performance? Does your team hold each other accountable (vertically and horizontally) with love, grace and compassion?

4. How well do you know each member of your team? How high is your EQ? Do you know each of your colleague’s and coworker’s ‘personality type’? Their preferred ‘learning style’? Their ‘business love language’? Their ‘communication style’? How they like to feel appreciated? 

5. Do you invest in your team? With time? Money? Other resources? Do you empower and openly encourage them to grow, develop and improve? Do you know their goals, aspirations and dreams and do you fully support their pursuit of them? Have you made what is important to them important to you?

6. Are you prepared for adversity? How well will you handle personal/professional and individual/organizational adversity when it hits? Do you acknowledge that it’s not a matter of if obstacles and challenges will occur… it’s a matter of when. You (obviously) don’t know when they will strike, in what form they will take and their severity – but will you be prepared? Have your strengthened your ‘grit muscle’ to take on any adversity? Do you view adversity as a gift/opportunity?