Do you know the most effective way to improve your influence and impact as a leader?

Lead with your heart. Lean into kindness, compassion, and humility. Make caring your greatest asset. 

The picture above encapsulates the touching, heartfelt moment shared after Michigan’s impressive win over Tennessee on Saturday. Coach Howard showed unparalleled kindness when he paused his own feeling of joy and to console this young man… who literally moments earlier was a fierce competitor trying to beat him.

It’s also important to note that…

Two weeks ago, in the post game handshake line against Wisconsin, Coach Howard let his anger get the best of him. He made a very poor decision and behaved in an unacceptable manner. And he was blasted (and punished heavily) for it. 

Now, two weeks later, in the post game handshake line against Tennessee, Coach Howard let the love in his heart pour out. He made a very empathetic gesture and was incredibly compassionate. I sure hope he gets applauded for it!

As human beings, we are fallible. We make mistakes. We use poor judgment. We screw up. What’s most important is how respond… how we learn… how we grow. A major salute to Coach Howard for demonstrating both sides of the humanity that we all have inside of us… and demonstrating what true leadership looks like.