9 years ago a good friend of mine, who is an unparalleled basketball talent evaluator, asked me to do him a favor. He asked me to come down to Charlotte to train his buddy’s son (an unranked sophomore in high school at the time). He respectfully said, ‘the kid is not an elite player… but his work ethic and attitude are incredible… and he is such a good kid.’ He asked me to take him through a workout, to give him some advice and to set him up on a performance training program.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The kid was super quiet (but very respectful and polite), he was extremely coachable and he worked his ass off the entire workout. He was such a pleasure to work with. So much so I vividly remember thinking, ‘I sure hope my sons grow up to be like this young man.’

That young man was Luke Maye.

High character, a positive attitude, unshakeable grit and an relentless work ethic can take you to amazing heights. Luke Maye deserves every bit of the success and recognition he is experiencing. What a tremendous young man.

And I say that as a DIEHARD Duke fan.