Reinvention is a provocative word.

But it doesn’t mean lighting fire to everything and watching it burn.

It refers to something that we all need:

A process of risk, adaptation, and evolution.

It means giving yourself permission to change, to see your world through new eyes—

To see yourself through new eyes.

The thing I love about the verb reinvent is that it’s a reminder:

You invented yourself the first time around.

And so, we are always in a position to create ourselves anew.

Michael Jordan shocked the world in 1993 by retiring from basketball at the top of his game.

A few months later, he showed up swinging a bat in a minor league baseball park in Alabama.

We all had to pick our jaws up off the floor.

It’s hard to conceive of now, but Jordan was only thirty at the time of his (first) retirement.

He opted to travel on cramped buses, live in cheap motels, and eat fast food—

All to play in the minor leagues of a sport he gave up in high school.

But for Jordan, the experience was invigorating.

Though he had reached the absolute pinnacle of his sport, it felt like stagnation to him.

MJ’s story shows how personal and relative these feelings truly are.

We can all reinvent ourselves.

Evolving as a person is an essential part of being alive.