Stephen Curry has missed more than 8,500 shots over the course of his NBA career.

He’s missed approximately six out of every ten 3-pointers he has attempted.

And yet, he is widely considered the BEST SHOOTER in the history of the game.

The question is… WHY?

Is it his footwork?

His shooting form?

His hand/eye coordination?

Sure, all of these traits play a role.

But there are plenty of players with these traits.

So then what is it that makes Stephen Curry the BEST SHOOTER EVER?

It’s for two reasons:

  1. His commitment to The Unseen Hours
  2. His consistent Next Play mindset

Let’s look at the Unseen Hours:

Stephen Curry has most likely logged more hours – and more made buckets – in empty gyms than any player in history.

Steph started playing basketball at 5 years old. He’s currently 35. Let’s conservatively assume he averaged making an EXTRA 500 shots a day, 6 days per week, 50 weeks per year from the time he was 15 until present day.

That’s 3,000 makes a week, 12,000 makes a month, and 150,000 makes a year… for 20 years.

That’s 3,000,000 EXTRA made shots.

That doesn’t count the extra shots he made from age 5 to 15, any workout where he made more than 500 shots, or factor in what he made in practices and games in middle school, high school, college and the pros.

That’s 3,000,000 Unseen Hours makes!

If you do anything 3,000,000 times, you’re going be really good at it!

Now let’s look at his Next Play mindset:

It doesn’t happen often, but there have been times when Steph has missed his first five shots in a game. What makes him the GOAT is that he shot the sixth shot with the same confidence and optimism as if he had made his first five shots. He never lets a previous miss effect his next shot.

He misses a shot?

Next Play

He misses another?

Next Play

He wipes the slate clean after every shot and always believes his next shot is going in.

When it comes to the Unseen Hours and Next Play mentality, Stephen Curry sets an unparalleled standard.

That my friends, is exactly why he is the greatest shooter to ever get play the game.

But wait, there’s more!

The Unseen Hours and Next Play concepts are not confined to basketball.

They apply to executives.

They apply to sales professionals.

They apply to managers.

It’s been my experience that what’s true in BASKETBALL is often true in BUSINESS!